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Moving Through Transitions

Every new and full moon I’ll feature a topic I’m personally going through, conversations I’m having with the community, or things I’m seeing and reading online. Read along for some journal entries, wisdom, reads, and inspiration.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions. And more importantly, how to honor them.

Earlier this year while grieving the loss of my father and trying to conceive, I felt incredibly uninspired in my life. I felt: Defeated. Unmotivated. Stuck. It was quite the contrast to how I’ve been feeling lately: Creative. Joyful. Grateful.

A few days ago, I was giving advice to a dear friend of mine who was feeling similarly to how I felt earlier this year: Stuck.

“You’re going through a transition. Be gentle on your soul while you move through this,” I said.

It was advice I so desperately needed to hear when I was going through it. I needed to accept where I was at; accept the transitioning phase.

Starting a new chapter means closing an old one, and the in between phase, from one chapter to another, can come with many sets of challenges. It can bring up old stories, old habits, and especially old wounds.

But just like the moon, our growth waxes and wanes. We are not meant to be positive all the time, nor ‘on’ all the time. Fighting against the transition, or pushing through it, causes friction. We need time to retreat, to reflect, and to process. We need time to transit from old to new.

We are in the full moon phase, and instead of fighting the change, I am learning to accept where I am right now. I’m allowing myself to be exactly where I am right this second. It’s okay if it may be bumpy— with tears, let downs, and heart shake ups —because I know it will catapult me into an unimaginable place; one where I will acknowledge all the good that came from this phase. And while I’m in it, I will remind myself to be gentle on my soul. This feeling, this transition — it won’t last forever.

xx Alex



Describe the transition you’re in emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and/or physically.

Where can you be more gentle on yourself?

How can you honor this transition?

Write your future self a letter about what you’re learning through this transit and what you would like to remember from it.



I’ve been using castor oil packs every night, from the last day of my period until ovulation.

It helps support blood circulation, bowel movement, and detoxification.

My acupuncturist recommended it to me and I’ve been LOVING it.

(please consult a professional for proper directions)




This Is 18 Around The World



Always loved Jonah Hill but after watching this interview, I’m heart-shape-eyeing all over him and his new (and free) magazine, Inner Children.

“We are all under construction,” he says. Sigh.


Listening To 

I could listen to Elizabeth Gilbert all day but this particular podcast about creativity and grief has been on repeat.



#WokeCharlotte has got me LOLing all day long


Inspired By 

The vulnerability of Victoria Emanuela, always.

Image by Katie Scott found through Pinterest

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    Alexandra is a writer and the founder of On Our Moon. She believes vulnerability is healing the world. And cats, cats heal everything. Though she just got a puppy and now believes puppies can cure just about anything. TBD.

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