The Women of Mothership

and their individual definition of feminism

When I found out about Mothership Festival I immediately wanted to interview Laura Wise, the creator of the 3-day womxn only music festival. When we set up a time to shoot the photos for the interview, she suggested I meet some of the ladies of Mothership as well. So we met Laura, the sisters behind Faarrow, and two women who contribute to Mothership, Jenny Shah and Jade Study. No one expected much, but when we all got together and started talking, magic happened. It felt like a moon circle, but instead of talking about our feelings and experiences we tackled bigger topics: race, gender, feminism, activist shaming. Somehow we also managed to talk about aliens, energy vampires, ghosts and “vaginapractors” (more to come about that later).

It was refreshing to see women with different points of view come together to discuss big issues, to learn and unlearn. What this conversation made me realize (it lasted till 2 a.m.), is that much like being a human being, all of these topics have a spectrum. It’s important to discuss it all. And much like there is no one way to define our selves or our experiences around sexuality and gender, there is also a spectrum when it comes to feminism. So, I asked all of these ladies—human-form-alien-goddessess—to define feminism. Here’s what they had to say…


Feminism is basic human rights and freedom for all women to just be. Millions of our sisters around the globe don’t even have that. Her freedom is my freedom. –Iman Hashi, artist  

Feminism is individual voices of women from different racial and economic backgrounds supporting and fighting for one another and in turn, forming a collective voice.  In recognizing that we don’t all share the same experiences, having representation and sharing our individual stories/experiences is the key to erasing the warped patriarchal programming in our society. Siham Hashi, artist 
Women are intellectual equals and social equals to men; we should be recognized and treated as such. The wage gap shouldn’t exist, men telling women what to do with their bodies shouldn’t exist. And yet they do. A feminist is a woman who lives the life she chooses. I love women and I’m down to fight for women and women’s rights. Jade Study, stylist 
Feminism, is a word I have built my life around, yet I resent it’s existence! Why? Because it’s a word that identifies an inequality that I wish didn’t exist. Feminism is the acknowledgment of a disparity in health, safety, and freedom for women. The silver lining is that feminism is also striving to correct it. Feminism is hopeful and I think that’s quite beautiful. Laura Wise, therapist + creator of Mothership
My definition is simple: It’s the belief that all genders have the right to equality—socially, economically, and any other genre you can create a box for. -Jenny Shah, DJ 

photography by Britney Gill 

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Author: Alexandra D'amour

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