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Where We’re Headed in 2018

To The Moon, Of Course, On A Rocket of Vulnerability

Over the past few weeks, as we’ve moved through the holidays, the death of our founder Alex’s father, and the transition to a new year, the site has been in buffering mode: The wheel is spinning, content is loading but…Nothing. Is. Happening.

If you’ve noticed, thanks for sticking with us. The pause was semi-intentional at first, largely unexpected later, completely nerve-wracking the whole time, and totally necessary. In this awkward limbo state we realized that, since its launch, On Our Moon had picked up speed and was moving somewhere fast. We just weren’t sure where.

When Alex first envisioned On Our Moon her idea was simple: A digital tent where women could come together and share their stories. While we paused, we realized we’d moved away from that vision. So, while buffering, we’ve been dreaming, grieving, brainstorming, and plotting our way back to the OG mission.

Here’s what has become super clear:

  • Our purpose is to share the stories that don’t always get told.
  • We’re here to learn from each other. We want to un-taboo the taboos and de-stigmatize the awkward, embarrassing, messy shit we all experience.
  • It’s time to dig into what makes us feel vulnerable.
  • We want to create a space—our digital tent—where people feel comfortable raising their hands and saying, “Me, too.”
  • Diversity. Diversity. Diversity. The more experiences we can share the better.

It’s about showing up in the hope—and the truth—that we become better listeners, better lovers, better citizens, relatives, friends, and all-around better humans* when we share our raw and unfiltered selves. When we cop to our missteps and mistakes and celebrate our sometimes really hard-won wisdoms.

We’re not here to be a “How To” site. There are enough places on the interweb to read well-intentioned articles about practices and philosophies that will supercharge your life and make you the best version of you. By now everyone knows that it’s cool to take a bath if you need to chill; we don’t need to tell you which bath oils to buy. What we do need is vulnerability and honesty. What works for you might not work for me, but we can all learn from each other’s process.


In other words, Oprah.

We are so proud of the community we’ve already grown here and of all the stories that have been shared. We could not be more excited to be back. We never left, but now we’re fully stepping inside the tent.

See you there. 🚀

xx Team Moon

*We started On Our Moon as a women’s site: I’m on my moon is another way of saying, I’m on my period; the idea for our digital tent came from the tents women used to gather in when they were bleeding. We focus on women’s stories because, for too long, they have not been told. But this site is for all humans. Whether you bleed, once bled, have chosen not to bleed, or never will, our tent is open to you.


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Alison Baenen
About the author

Alison is the Editor-in-Chief at On Our Moon. She lives in Los Angeles (most of the time) and occasionally dreams of moving to Mexico to become an unprofessional watercolorist. She recently started eating bread again. It's delicious.

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