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Welcome to the Digital Tent.

A place where vulnerability reigns supreme, and where stories and wisdom from a spectrum of lived experiences create a new take on wellness:

wellness, without the bullshit.

On Our Moon is out to shift the narrative on what wellness means. Because it’s far more than consumeristic values and constantly striving for optimal health.

Wellness is about your constantly-evolving internal journey. The life-cycles and transitions you navigate, and what you learn along the way. It’s about the process, not the destination. And, it’s about feeling connected through it all; to yourself, your body, your emotions…and to others.

Experience a different dialogue around wellness


Stories of the nonphysical; the intangible elements of life, and everything outside us that impacts us implicitly.


Musings of the mind; the element that enables a person’s awareness of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel.


Chronicles of the heart; diving deep into the spectrum of experiences in our relationships and communication.


Tales of the body, and how the body talks; from the physical structure, to the bones, to the flesh, and the organs.

Inspired by intuition.

In doing a hefty amount of reading, Alex discovered that certain ancient tribes embraced that while “on their moon”, women are especially powerful, wildly intuitive, and capable of realizing fresh wisdom. During menstruation, women would gather in tents and create a sacred space where they would tune into themselves and each other; where older generations would raise girls to trust their bodies.

And here’s the deal: you don’t have to bleed to tune into your intuition. We’re all cyclical beings. We all have innate powers, and they’re not defined by or limited to gender.

This space is designed around the idea of sharing our stories with one another.

It’s like rebuilding the tent…but on the internet.

I'm Alex.

And for as long as I can remember, shame has been a part of my fabric.

It’s been a life-long journey of experiencing, processing, and moving through shame. And while I’ve tried every trick in the book to move through past trauma (and I mean every trick in the book), story has been a constant form of solace and healing.

Listening to others’ and sharing my own has been the most powerful tool in helping me navigate my way out of shame, and back into connection with myself, my body, and others. Which is why I built On Our Moon.

And why I designed a period candle.

With a team of writers giving voice to diverse lived experiences and dedicated to raw truth-telling, we’re recreating the sacred gathering space to share story, wisdom and insights while caring for one another with love and tenderness.

And in the process, we’re redefining wellness as the powerful internal life-journey it is, creating a world filled with self-loving and radically self-accepting humans.

A note:

We’re a genderless site, however Alex, or other writers in our community, may use gendered terms in their storytelling that aligns with their personal experience. And. Alex + every writer contributing to the site are all learning and unlearning; gaining new understandings about many different topics every day. In that process, they’re dedicated to doing their best to be as inclusive as possible.

Creating safe and inclusive space is incredibly important to us – so if you have any feedback, please reach out. You’ll be met with open arms, hearts and ears.*

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