Welcome to On Our Moon, or what we like to call, a “Digital Tent”. Our mission is to foster a space where women* feel connected and understood through sharing and learning from each other’s stories and wisdom.

A woman’s intuition should not be underestimated.


Hopefully, you believe this. Ideally, you use it like a compass. Perhaps, you’ve even harnessed your body’s true power – like what can happen when you sync your cycle to the wax and wane of the moon…

Certain ancient tribes embraced that while “on their moon”, women are especially powerful and capable of realizing fresh wisdom. During menstruation, women would create a sacred space in tents where they would tune into themselves and each other. Older generations would raise girls to trust their bodies.


We’re here to rebuild the tent (but, like, on the internet).

Our COMMUNITY is about love and support – there is no place for judgment or exclusivity. In the safety of our tent we can share our truths, without worry.
Our GOAL is that our community will help you realize (if you haven’t already) how powerful you are, how powerful your body is, and, that you are entitled to be the loudest, most honest version of you… whatever that looks like.
Our BELIEF is that only YOU get to decide how you look, behave, what you stand for, and what defines you.
Our HOPE is to (re)connect women to their natural powers.

*On Our Moon is a space for anyone sensitive to, or interested in, the diversity of the female experience. You are welcome here even if you don’t identify with the noun “woman”, or similar descriptors we may use throughout the site. In addition, this platform does not support the disparagement of men. It is our belief to be “feminine” is not defined by gender-identification, sexual preference, physical body parts, or anything in between.