A site exploring what it means to be human through
personal storytelling. Our aim is to foster vulnerable
conversations and genuine connections.
Welcome to our digital tent.

A place where vulnerability reigns supreme.
An exploration of radical self-love and self-acceptance.
A safe space to normalize conversations about shame.
A small corner on the internet to be seen and heard.
A mic for inclusivity and intersectionality.

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A while back, my therapist asked me why I launched ON OUR MOON. It took an entire session and a lot of pushing on her end but in short: I rarely felt seen or heard in my childhood, so I created a platform to ensure others could be seen and heard. *deep sigh* It was a breakthrough session (p.s. therapy rocks).

Over the last few years, I have been processing and moving through shame. Being the product of an affair, bi-racial, raped; dropping out of college; having a complicated and messy family, a resume that doesn’t make much sense, and unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant—these make up some of my past experiences, and are just a few stories that shaped my shame.

And then, I found refuge in storytelling.

And stories, both listening to others and sharing my own, helped me heal.

I hope this website, our digital tent, is a place where stories can help you heal too. Being able to say “me too” is the biggest shame reducer there is, and I hope our stories make you feel that vulnerability is empowering. I hope this is a place where you feel inspired to learn and unlearn. A place where you feel safe to share, listen, pause, and reflect. A place to connect with others who have similar stories, while compassionately understanding stories outside of your own.

ON OUR MOON is an online community, made of people like you and me, who are dedicated to exploring what it means to be human.

I hope our stories help you learn to radically love yourself, even just a little bit more. More than anything, I hope this is a place where stories can help you feel seen and heard.

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Alexandra D'amour


A note: We’re a genderless site, however Alex and other writers in our community may use gendered terms in their storytelling that aligns with their own personal experience. Alex + every contributor to the site are all learning and unlearning; gaining new understandings about many different topics every day. Creating safe and inclusive space is incredibly important to us, so if you have any feedback, please reach out. You’ll be met with open arms, hearts, and ears.

Transparency: in order to grow and sustain our platform, OOM ears revenue in a few different ways. Occasionally, we publish sponsored posts, which are always labeled at the top. We may also earn an affiliate commision on the sales of products we link to. We feature only brands and items we genuinely are obsessed with. Thank you for supporting us!