Let’s Normalize
Talking About Shame.

Hi! I'm Alex.

And for as long as I can remember, shame has been a part of my fabric.

It’s been a life-long journey of experiencing, processing, and moving through shame. And while I’ve tried every trick in the book to move through past trauma, story has been a constant form of solace and healing.

Listening to others’ and sharing my own has been the most powerful tool in helping me navigate my way out of shame, and back into connection with myself, my body, and others. Which is why I built ON OUR MOON.

With a team of writers giving voice to diverse lived experiences and dedicated to raw truth-telling, we’re recreating the sacred gathering space to share story, wisdom and insights that express what it’s like to address, process and navigate shame.

Through understanding our shame stories—the spectrum of experiences we all have across our lives that leave shame resonating in our cells—we have the opportunity to shake it up and shake it out; from the heavy shit to everyday subtleties.

Experiencing shame is universal, and ensuring our shame stories are seen and heard creates space to replace shame with radical self-love and self-acceptance.

That’s what the #digitaltent is all about.

A note: We’re a genderless site, however Alex, or other writers in our community, may use gendered terms in their storytelling that aligns with their personal experience. And. Alex + every writer contributing to the site are all learning and unlearning; gaining new understandings about many different topics every day. In that process, they’re dedicated to doing their best to be as inclusive as possible.
Creating safe and inclusive space is incredibly important to us – so if you have any feedback, please reach out. You’ll be met with open arms, hearts and ears.*

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We all experience shame.
We're all afraid to talk
about it. And, the less we
talk about it, the more we
have it.
Brene Brown

Meet The Contributors

Julia-Elise Childs

Writer & Model

Maggie Trela

Blog writer

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