Author: Kayley Vandenberg

Kayley Vandenberg is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. As a high-functioning homebody she prefers Amazon Prime to Target and Netflix to movie theaters... but will always go out of her way to accept a happy hour invitation, especially if it involves buck-a-shuck oysters. |

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    Feminism Was My Rebound

    I Fell in Love So Fast I Almost Lost Myself. Again.

    Like many modern romances, my relationship with feminism began online. In the beginning, I followed outspoken women on Twitter, retweeting what I most related to. Then, I moved to Facebook, copying and pasting poignant snippets of shared articles into my captions. When a debate ensued on a friend’s status, I was quick to tap like on the comments I agreed with, occasionally offering my own, often uninformed, opinions. On Instagram, I carefully crafted posts with regurgitated rhetoric I didn’t fully understand, but I used all the right hashtags.

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