Author: Philip Eastman

Philip Eastman is an writer, photographer and existential enthusiast residing in Los Angeles who likes to discuss late stage capitalism, mental health, and the emotional memory of the psoas muscle (look it up!). Bibliophiles welcome. |

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    How I Learned To Be A Man

    My Broken Framework of Masculinity

    Everything about my father was massive—callused, weathered hands from years of hard labor and broad shoulders squaring his 6’ 3” frame. He squeezed me as he shook me, and if he gripped any tighter I knew I’d snap in half. Trapped in my toy store sleeping bag, I went silent and still, my eyes forced wide open and staring straight at him. His face suddenly paled, the shaking stopped, and he placed me gently onto the floor. He walked out of the room, into the shadows of the hallway, outside.

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