Author: Renée Fidz

Renée is a designer and writer who travels often but currently lives in Portland. She loves sitting in trees and mining the wisdom within herself and others. |

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    Why I’m Done Dating Older Men

    After Years of Being The Younger Woman, I'm Over It

    I saw things in my past relationships that I’d never seen before. I realized men had claimed a subtle ownership over me. It was an unspoken transaction, a power dynamic that discreetly entitled them to my compliance and affection, an undercurrent that I don’t think any of us perceived at the time. In defying social norms, I’d actually just been reinforcing them.

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    When I Gave Too Much

    I Abandoned My Life To Try And Save My Mother's

    Two weeks later I experienced what I can only describe as a nervous collapse. My body shook uncontrollably; I was trembling and cold and terrified. I had no idea what was happening to me. I recalled waking up alone in an empty apartment as a two year old, crying uncontrollably and searching for my mother in the building’s hallways. Something was terribly wrong with me. I was sure I was dying.

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