Author: Alex Wisner

Alex is the writer of “Other Halves: a collection of short stories” and Founder of the music & writing pop-up called Treehouse. She lives between Los Angeles and Paris and will pretty much only leave her house if Mexican food is involved. |

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    Lyme Disease Almost Killed Me

    But First, It Woke Me Up

    Inside, I waged a silent war. If I got too angry, I’d be institutionalized; one doctor had threatened, twice, to send me to a psych ward during one of my ER visits. But, if I was too calm, no one would take me seriously. If I wanted help, I had to develop a new personality.
    So I wrote a new character: I was an innocent bystander held captive by my body that was, in turn, possessed by a mysterious force. I had to separate myself from my symptoms and prove I was of sound mind.
    But I couldn’t convince the doctors of my undiagnosable pain. Their diagnosis was consistent across the board: I was having a nervous breakdown.

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