We Ask, You Answer: What’s Your Quarantine Period Like?

I’m currently laying in my bed, surrounded by pillows and hot water bottles (one on my feet, one on my belly and one under my back). My husband made me rose tea and oatmeal. My forehead and chin are covered in pimples. I’m watching Netflix, scrolling through Tiktok. It’s not even 11 a.m. yet, and I’m already thinking about chocolate. 

Oh, and if this isn’t clear, I’m on my period.

And it’s a painful one too. My belly feels like it’s being eaten by a shark.

Quarantine has taken away my usual monthly remedies, like going to acupuncture every two weeks. And sitting in an infrared sauna to help my liver process my estrogen. I also do internal pelvic floor work, yoni steam, and eat according to my cycle

While I’m still eating the same, I feel really sad and anxious not knowing when I’ll be able to hop back into my normal routine. The thought of experiencing cramps like these on a monthly basis again makes me feel powerless. I am incredibly grateful for a warm bed and supportive husband, especially during these times; I don’t take anything for granted. But on day one of my period, quarantine period, this is how I’m feeling. Anxious. Nervous. In pain. 

So let’s talk quarantine periods: What’s it been like for you? What are your at-home remedies? Anyone trying a cup or menstrual underwear?


LET'S TALK: What's Your Quarantine Period Like?



  1. I’m so much happier being at home during my periods, my first couple days of my flow is like a complete detox for my system… Many trips to the bathroom, so I’m so happy to be at home for this. I wish I could work from home every month 🙏

  2. I’m really liking using my period cups at home! And a heating pad on HIGH for my aching back. The cramps are minimal, but my back always hurts so bad the first couple days!

    1. I’ve always had a relatively easygoing period and after I had an IUD inserted, there was definitely worse cramps but nothing too awful. Last week though and my first period in quarantine was hands down the worst period I ever had. I had rolling cramps that last hours and I had to lay on my stomach throughout. Not only that but I bled profusely for a week and a half, to the point that I felt light headed. I think the intensity is probably due to stress and less activity. Feeling extremely grateful that I can answer emails while in the bath or be at home with my hot water bottle 💕

  3. My quarantine period was really amazing, staying at home and not having to justify why. CBD is my friend, magnesium too to manage period discomfort. But overall I never have pain anymore. Bc I managed my posture ❤️ That was the holiest thing I could do, find out how my bad posture influenced my period.

  4. I’ve had irregular period cycles for a number of years since being off birth control. My last three cycles were about 30 days each, great! Today I am currently on day 50. Took a test about a week ago, will likely take another tomorrow just in case.
    So otherwise yah, non-existent period due to quarantine stress is my strongest guess.

  5. Hands and knees + opening up the pelvis with rolling the hips and low low low sounds to bring vibration to the womb + pelvic bowl. Womb massage with a loving oil such as rose + CBD.Ginger foot soak (warming for the inner winter bleed month). Reflecting on what you are hanging onto in this cycle that is asking to be released and offering it to your blood 🌹

  6. It’s been AWESOME being at home! Usually I have to go into work, do a bunch of bench work in the lab, and present data RIGHT on the days during my period 😂 it’s been a dream to take it easy physically and mentally

  7. Last period (my first quarantine bleed) I experienced intense low back pain. How incredible to have warm foods, warm bath water, and a hot water bottle for my use. Along with this intense symptom of stress, I also experienced a lot of emotionality. I cried, I grieved, and I created. Some on paper. Some in my mind. As my next period approaches in 10-14 days give or take, I am working on healing my hormones through diet/movement/homeopathics. I know that the way I take care of my body during the first half of my cycle will impact the 2nd half. We want to crate the most harmony possible while also having grace for where we have been and where we are.

    1. I also created a FB page called “Harmonize with you Harmones” as a place for me to share my hormone balancing journey and for anyone to share theirs/about their cycle. If you feel called, would love to have you share:)

  8. I feel like I have been dealing with sucky period symptoms my whole life (well I guess my whole life after my first period). My most used methods to try to manage the symptoms that I have collected over the years:
    – heat is your best friend. Drink only room temperature or hot drinks (in particular the two weeks leading up to your bleed). Avoid all cold foods and drinks. Hot baths, heating pads. I remember an acupuncturist I had once mentioned keeping your ankles covered as this area of the body being exposed to cold can impact your hormonal systems.
    -a homeopathic remedy that I have used regularly for years that I absolutely love – Pascofemin. I am not into homeopathy in general, but this product has worked for me. I notice when I slack off on taking it my cramps are usually much worse again. Available in pill form and a liquid option, I have used both. Originally this was recommended to me from a naturopath dr and a subsequent naturopath dr I am now seeing also raves about it in her clients.
    -magnesium. I would consult a professional to get input in terms of dosage. I have been taking this regularly too and it has helped absolutely. I would crave chocolate like nobody’s business and I was told that perhaps it’s because I need magnesium.
    -lots of sleep leading up to my bleed. The week or so beforehand I sleep way more than I do the rest of the month.
    -apparently having regular bowel movements can help your cycle in general. So regular bowel movements (atleast daily if not twice daily) is ideal. I guess excess estrogen is excreted from your body this way.
    -DoTerra has a product called Clary Calm that is a roll on essential oil blend that I put on my low abdomen when I feel crampy. It has helped too.
    A couple of women who are in the realm of natural health & wellness in relation to healthy and symptom free periods include Nicole Jardim and Madeline MacKinnon.

    1. YESS! These are all so great! And yes, sleep is SO important because your liver works from 11pm-3am and your liver is huge in processing estrogen. I noticed a huge difference when I go to bed early the two weeks leading up to my period!!